How We Grew Our Travel Blog – Insight into our Strategies

The life of a blogger is ever-changing. It’s so much work to up-keep it, create fresh content, and provide a unique perspective. As The Millennial Marketeer was put on my back burner, my roommate and I’s other site The Nomadic Dreamers became priority one. My biggest lesson is that you have to find a way to give every aspect of your life a bit of attention. So marketeers, I’m back. Today I wanted to talk about the work my roommate and fellow nomads and I have been putting into TND and show you some of the results we have achieved.. so sit back – you’re getting the insider scoop.

Here are some of our quick tips:

  • Increase Instagram following and likes
  • Implement Facebook Strategy
  • Pay attention to Stats and adjust accordingly

Now onto a breakdown of our general strategy

So, what was our first step and strategy for TND? INSTAGRAAAAAM. Let’s be honest, we all know the gram is where it’s at. It’s our social hub and for bloggers it’s the end all and be all. With that in mind us nomads took a heavy social media focus and we are very pleased with our results.

Here’s an example of an Insta post from December of 2017. 195 likes… that’s not too bad – but we wanted more! We strategized amongst are team and decided that more consistent postings, playing with the timings of our posts and making more interactive captions would help us boost our likes. AND we’re pleased to say that it worked!

Just 3 months later and we are averaging closer to 300 likes per post with a few in the 400’s when they’re extra special pretty pics of your favorite nomads. Since December, we have been regularly testing times to see when our specific audience is most in tuned. We have found that our best evening times are between 5:30 – 9:00 pm, which is typical for most posts. But, as of now we don’t have a strong morning time. The thought is that early in the morning you could grab your audiences attention as they lay in bed scrolling before they have to get up for work or carry on with their lives – but, that isn’t always the case.

With ever-changing Instagram metrics it can be hard to tie times together with post insights. It is becoming more difficult to ensure your followers are seeing all your posts as you post them. What I mean by that, is that often the new metrics cloud timing. You’re feed is more often determined by promoted posts, accounts with notifications on, and other silly details that we have no control over. It’s not as simple as – “I posted it at 5:30 so my audience saw it promptly after that”. This is a constant battle social media marketers face and don’t you worry I will be researching how to approach that and get back to y’all!

Link to group

So, back to our strategy… we wondered how can we approach fellow students and create a community environment inspired by the motto of The Nomadic Dreamers? From this… our Facebook group “College Students Who Travel” was born.

With 200 members this group has become an interactive community where fellow students can interact, ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss our love for all things travel. We have also been promoting the group as well as our blog posts on Insta Stories. We have seen huge success with Insta Stories. They’re an easy, fun, and creative way to interact with our followers. And it has easily tracable stats and insights to help you ensure you’re getting the results you want! Honestly, if you’re not using Insta Stories you’re missing out on an incredible tool. In the next week TND will be launching a more Insta Story focused strategy to try to boost Instagram interaction as well as tie in our blog posts to the part of our audience who don’t visit the site.

Facebook is another avenue we want to ramp up. We want it to be a place where people can see important and relevant articles, videos, and stories related to travel. We want to take our Facebook page away from simply being another place to promote our blogs. We envision so much more! Our goal is to establish a community across all platforms that encourages and promotes travel from a student’s perspective.

In order to do this we will be using scheduling platforms like Sprout Social that will allow us to schedule content to boost our posts and hopefully increase our interactions with our followers.

I hope this has helped some of our fellow bloggers! Every blog is a work in progress and every strategy is as well. I love this blog because it’s a place for reflection and growth. It’s fun talking about my passions ini a constructive way and if along the way I inspire or help others – that’s the dream!!!

Bye for now… Don’t forget to follow The Nomadic Dreamers and watch our progress!!

Monday Motivation: Let’s Get Personal

How are you motivating yourself this Monday? For this week, I think I’m in need of some self-reflecting! With a hectic month full of changes, challenges and endless growth, October truly challenged me and has inspired me to make November better! I’ve fumbled a lot this past month with my professional life and I am determined to fix that this month. The best way I know how, is by admitting and accepting my faults and learning from them! So, some of you might find this relatable as a marketeer, personally,  or simply comforting to know someone else experiences the same struggles, either way I want to grow and there’s no better way than honesty.

My personal reflection and advice:

  1. My first falter… don’t bite off more than you can chew! As a budding marketeer I am desperate to soak up every possible opportunity and grow myself and my career… but I was reminded of a business term – diminishing returns – and I definitely fell into this trap. Firstly, at a certain point you can only stretch yourself so thin. But, more importantly you get what you put into it and if you can’t put in the necessary work, then you’ll be constantly disappointed by your returns. I tried to take on a client, who I was unable to provide adequately for while trying to achieve a dreamy 4.0 semester to finish off college. Sounds easy, right? No, it simply wasn’t possible.. I couldn’t maintain the level of effort that i wanted to for them both, so one had to give (hint I didn’t drop out so I think you can guess which fell through the crack)!
  2. Lower your expectations! This is a general point that I need to learn both in my professional and personal life. You set yourself up for disappointment when you expect too much from an experience, an internship, a person. There’s nothing worse than the letdown!! I find that a lot of students face this with internships. We expect sooo much only to realize we’re barely a step above the “coffee intern”. But, c’est la vie! You can’t control the experience you’ll have but you can control your expectations.
  3. Be selfish! Your number one concern should always be yourself. Your education, your career, your reputation, no one else determines those things but YOU. Yes, of course there’s other factors, but you’re the gatekeeper. don’t be afraid to put YOU in the center of everything because that’s simply how the business world works. You are your own advocate in the business world. No one will check up to make sure you’re achieving your goals, or making sure you have the right opportunities, that’s all on you. So, learn now how to look out for yourself, or you’ll blend into a sea of businessmen and women who are looking out for themselves. You have to learn to be inspired by your own passions and goals. If you can’t you’ll always “half-ass” things that lead to your own demise. Believe wholeheartedly that you are the answer to every problem. Being selfish is okay, and I’ve definitely had to learn this the hard way.
  4. Go all in! You want that beautiful shiny dream job? JUST DO IT. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let others determine your destiny.. do what makes you happy and what pushes you towards your own personal goals. Throw yourself into the things that deserve your attention!

I know Monday is almost over.. but the reflection is important nonetheless.. I challenge you all to reflect on the past week, month, year and be honest with yourself about your faults, triumphs, and lessons. Be a better you each and every day and be your own inspiration!! Please let me know your best inspirational tips so that we can all grow together 🙂 If quotes are more your style then check out my last Monday Inspiration post!

Happy Monday.. and stay inspired!!


Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Career Today!

Happy November marketeers!! Let’s start this month off as productive as possible.. only two more months to achieve all of our 2017 resolutions!!! And if becoming a stronger digital marketeer is one of your resolutions – than this post is perfect for you!! I’ve done a similar post for a general marketing career – but I figured it was time to get a bit more specific! If digital marketing isn’t for you but marketing is, then check out my other post! So marketeers, let’s do this!


Any marketeer knows the huge depth that digital marketing encompasses – so, how can you turn that into your perfect career? I’m going to go through some crucial steps to propel your career and turn you into a well-rounded and well-versed digital marketeer! For reference, I found “How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing” from AMA’s website – which is an amazing resource for ANY marketeer! I’m going to walk you through what this article suggests and give a little bit of my personal insights and tips I’ve learned from amazing mentors and professors!

Firstly, if you know that digital marketing is the route you want to pursue my best tip for you is to never stop learning and expanding your knowledge. Digital marketing is an extremely fast growing industry and your success is contingent on your working knowledge! Even if you have a very specific specialty in mind – it greatly benefits you as a digital marketeer to be well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing! Find online seminars and courses and challenge yourself in little ways every day, it’s truly the best thing you can do for yourself! Okay, with that in mind, here are some general tips and recommendations to build your digital marketing career:

  • Establish your personal brand: This is crucial for any business professional – but, as a digital marketer, it’s even more important. From your online presence to your resume, you want to position yourself as a creative and technologically savvy marketeer with a strong personal brand. As a college student a lot of us don’t feel the need for a brand because most of us don’t think we know who we are yet. This is a fair point.. but branding yourself is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t have to have a catchy ring to it like Millennial Marketeer (although it’s a great asset to discuss in interviews) your brand can be less specific as long as it speaks to who you are as a marketer or the type of marketeer you want to become. This may come as a surprise to you…. but I recommend blogging (shocker, right?). Blogging brings your personal brand and combines it with your online presence and allows you to expand on your knowledge and fine tune your writing skills! When I started my blog that was the first time that I really sat down and thought about who I am as a marketeer. So, to help you, I’ll walk you through the thought process I took to come up with my own personal brand and blogger name, The Millennial Marketeer.

I knew digital marketing was where I wanted to be, so I tried to think of things that represented me now and where I plan to do in the future. First off – I’m a proud millennial. But, I also recognize the negative stereotype that some people associate with millennials. So, as The Millennial Marketeer I strive every day to defy that stereotype by making a name for myself within the highly competitive and dynamic industry of digital marketing. The marketeer part came in because well, it’s cute and catchy, but beyond that I want marketing to be apart of everything I do. When you think of Jordan – if you don’t think of The Millennial Marketeer – I want marketing to be what I’m known for. This thought process is also what I use in the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question during an interview! It establishes my brand and expresses my creativity and dedication to the industry!

– I hope this little blurb of my thought process helps.. essentially you need to sit down and think about the factors that define who you are both personally and professionally and most importantly think of your end game – where do you want to go? Find out more by reading one of my previous posts on personal branding 🙂

  • Be a digital asset: As I mentioned, it’s vital to continuously develop your skills. I’ve challenged myself to learn Adobe Suite, which as a digital marketeer obsessed with content creation… I really should know already! But, it’s okay to admit your gaps as long as you plan to address them and close that gap! The best way to do this is by challenging yourself every day to acquire a new asset – whether its through a class elective, online tutorials and workshops, or simply by teaching yourself – each new asset will distinguish yourself amongst other marketeers.
  • Network Network Network!!: I’ve learned that networking in the professional world is one of the biggest asset a college student can utilize. Honestly, I’ve gotten all of my internships through networking and what were once networking opportunities, have turned into mentors that have been quintessential to my growth as a marketeer. Most college students recognize the benefits of networking but after college. You’re missing out on sooo much by not starting your networking sooner! Start your networking while you’re still in college because those networking opportunities can greatly change the path of your career! For my fellow Spartans and amazing asset is the Mark Sharpe Entrepreneurship Collaborative Center (ECC). Every Wednesday at 9am they hold 1 Million Cups – a time for Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and business professionals to come together as a community. It offers networking opportunities and is a great platform for entrepreneurs seeking out us marketeers (you never know who you’ll meet). Put yourself out there and make those connections now and the benefits you’ll reap will exceed what you imagine! Especially if you properly grow and nurture those relationships they will last long-term and can be a huge asset later in your career. But more importantly they can also help you get your foot in the door, which is what a lot of us are desperate for!
  • Build a portfolio: I’m not going to lie this is one piece of advice that I myself need to take! As a digital marketeer I’ve mentioned this need to be well-versed, but further than that you need to be able to prove it! Going into interviews with a clean portfolio that captures your digital dexterity and creativity can set you apart from competitors and turn you into a professional not just a college student hunting for a job! As the AMA article expresses, “With most hiring decisions now based directly on portfolios, they hold as much—if not more—weight than your résumé. Keep this in mind as you grow in your skills and knowledge to be sure that is reflected accurately in your visual materials” (AMA). So, as you take classes and finish creative projects or your own creative work, compile it into your portfolio as you go!

Digital Marketing is my dream and I’m constantly striving to be the best digital marketeer I can be – hopefully these tips will help us all in achieving that goal! Whether it’s just a reminder of what you need to do or some new ideas that you need to get working on, we all have room for improvement!

Ciao Marketeers, till next time!!


How to Get Your Dream Job

Think your dream job is out of your reach? Don’t quite have all the qualifications you need? Nothing’s out of your reach if you believe in your brand! So, how can you get this impossible dream job? It’s a lot simpler than you think, you just have to approach the job a bit differently. I’m sure we’ve all written a cover letter once or twice, or at least we understand the point of one, but what if you took your cover letter one step further? When you think about it, a cover letter is like the first chapter of a book, you want to hook your reader and sticking with the norms isn’t always the best way to do that. Why not hook them in by showing them where you do and don’t have the qualifications? Sounds strange right? You’re essentially pointing out your flaws, but not really. You’ll create a T-chart, an easy visual to compare all your qualifications to the job requirement, but further than that you’re addressing the gaps that you may have.

So, why a T-Chart in your cover letter?

  1. You’re going against the norms and “hooking” in your reader
  2. It’s a quick and easy visual to determine if you suit the company and position
  3. You don’t shy away from any gaps you may have in the requirements, instead you embrace them and propose a way to rise about the challenge.

My marketing strategy professor assigned us with a Strategic assessment and it ended with exactly this, a cover letter. At first I was hesitant, it just seemed so out of the norm and too basic to be useful, but I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong (fitting in this case to address the gap)! What I learned through this project was that the T-chart is a great addition to a resume, but only if you understand WHY. You have to understand yourself and your own brand first. So my recommendations for you when you’re applying for ANY job (especially your dream job) are as follows:

  1. Understand your brand – Why you? That’s what you need to ask yourself. What makes you stand out amongst your competitors.
  2. Understand the industry you’re entering – Even if it’s just a quick scan over an industry outlook on IbisWorld or a bit of Google searches to get a grasp of the industry and where it’s going, it’s crucial. You’re trying to show an employer that you’re a “hot commodity” within this industry that they NEED, so you have to actually know the industry!!
  3. Develop your competitive advantages – This goes back to your brand and why you. The infamous question in an interview is “tell me about yourself” and this isn’t a “I like to shop and play with puppies” kind of intro, this is the why you intro! A lot of people miss the importance of this very simple question. So, if you develop your own competitive advantages you’ll have the perfect, non-scripted intro that gives insights into your professional life and how your personal experience are intertwined in that.
  4. The T-Chart – Once you’ve got steps 1-3 then the T-Chart becomes easy. Simply compare the positions requirements on the left-hand side and how you have or do not have those qualities on the right-hand side. Your competitive advantages also come into use here. It helps you to think around the gaps. Yes, gaps are inevitable, but if you express to an employer that you have a plan to overcome those gaps you’re positioning yourself as a strategic thinker. Remember to fall back on your competitive advantages to help address those gaps!

Whether you actually apply with this format or not, I strongly recommend at least going through the process for your own gain. It allows you to understand your own qualifications and attributes on a much deeper level and allow you to connect them with the positions you’re applying for. This is CRUCIAL, especially if you’re applying for your dream job.. you NEED to understand your own brand and address the positions requirements further than reading them and mentally checking off things that you have!

There is nothing stronger than being true to yourself and to your brand. I want to portray this to you all because I believe we all miss opportunities to analyze ourselves. So, take a few moments to understand why YOU, and then you’ll be one step closer to getting your dream job!

Ciao Marketeers,


Monday Inspiration: Quotes

I don’t know about y’all but I am definitely in need of some Monday motivation today!! That’s why I want to start a Monday inspiration post each week to inspire not just y’all but also myself! I think I’ll go about it different each week depending on what inspiration I think I personally need (and let’s hope that aligns with what y’all need).

For my first post I’m going with quotes!! In particular quotes from successful business men and women, entrepreneurs, and general thought leaders. I find most of my inspiration through quotes because honestly, the best wisdom there is, is passed on. The most successful people see that wisdom and soak it up like a sponge. They relish in the successes of others, they learn from failures, and they better each act by doing so. So, let’s relish ini the wisdom of others and take a few moments this Monday to find inspiration to drive us through the week!!

Disclaimer: I made these graphics on my phone with the WordSwag app! You should check it out it’s sooo easy (also how I made The Millennial Marketeer logo!) AND here’s where I found some great and inspiring quotes!!


Which of these really hit home for you? Let me know so I can keep that in mind each week. For me, it’s the last. Honestly, with our competitive world we are all trying to achieve our own goals in very similar ways. I want to be able to do something that everyone else is doing on a whole new level. Why blend in with the crowd when you can stand out?

I challenge you to take one of these quotes and truly reflect on the words. Not analyze it like you’re in your senior year english class, but rather take from it what you need and apply it to you. It’s the perfect way to start your Monday, inspired and challenged all at the same time!!


Get inspired and kill this week!!! I believe in y’all.


How to Make Professional Looking Graphics for Free

Got a blog? Need a way to make graphics that won’t cost you a dime? Well than welcome to the tutorial you’ve been looking for. CANVA!! It’s the best thing my roommate ever introduced me to. Honestly, it’s the easiest way to quickly and professionally make graphics.

**DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert nor do I claim to be… but I’m hoping this quick tutorial will help newbies figure it out.. or even encourage my fellow bloggers to use it.

So, how to use Canva? I will walk through it step by step for y’all in the clearest way I can but also keep in mind that it’s something you should really play around with in order to get the most out of it. Heads up… I’m a visual learner as you’ll see by my obsessive amount of screenshots.

Step One: Press the pretty green button

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.08.29 PM

Step Two: Choose your template (they’re conveniently labelled and the dimensions are customized to fit the type of post you want to make!) Canva makes it so easy and simple.. you don’t have to think about the dimensions of a blog banner or of a Facebook graphic compared to Twitter, it’s done for you! Honestly, that’s one of my favorite features because uhh I couldn’t tell you the dimensions for each for the life of me!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.08.45 PM

Step 3: Choose a layout (or get creative)!!

What you see below is the screen you come to after you choose a template. On the lefthand side you can see the different layouts that Canva provides (be weary some will have dollar signs when you hover over them and they ain’t free!!!). Each layout is very easy to use, you can simply replace images with your own and change the wording as well.. and boom you look like a graphic designer (almost).

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.18.21 PM

Step 4: Play around with it!!

How many of you are extremely visual learners? Because as I mentioned, I am! So, I made a quick example for y’all to show you each element of Canva and how they can be utilized to create a graphic. I know the title says “professional graphic”, which this isn’t necessarily my most professional looking, but it’s perfect to use for this purpose.

So, here we have a very simple blog title graphic that I created specially for y’all! Pretty basic, right? But how many elements does it take to create this? How many steps? ;et’s find out…

Steps- Canva Tutorial copy

The answer is: 6

Steps- Canva Tutorial

Is that more or less what you expected? In my opinion for a graphic that basic, thats a decent amount of elements. I broke down for y’all where I got each from but I’ll go through it in a little more detail as well.

1: The background I chose was pre-made. The only thing I did was mess around with the color, which is easy to do. You can either choose a pre-made color or play around with the color wheel to create your own colorful masterpiece, whatever floats your boat!

2: I selected the element section of the lefthand navigation and went to shapes. From there you can choose from different shapes with different colors, fillings, transparent, not transparent.. anything you can imagine. Also, on that elements section there is so so so much more. These elements can be very useful when you want to let your creativity run wild instead of being held back from pre-made layouts.

3: Thirdly, I uploaded a transparent Canva logo that I found on Google.. When I first added it I didn’t like the way it looked against the background so I messed around with the transparency and then decided to add 4. which was a solid circle behind it to make the color more muted but to still stand up against the loud background.

5. I added another element so that when I added my logo (step 6) it would stand out!


I know this may have seemed really long and drawn out.. but it was the best way I could think to present all this information without overloading y’all with very very wordy paragraphs. I genuinely hope this helps and that my newbie’s benefit from it! Let me see the pretty creations y’all make and let me know if this helped!!

Ciao Marketeers!



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All Things Product Placement

Let’s talk product placement! If you’re a marketing nerd like my roommate and I, then you might shout out every time you see any sort of product placement in a movie or tv show. Seriously, every single time I see it I can’t resist the urge to point it out! But, how successful are those placements to the unsuspecting eye? I always wonder, so let’s stop wondering and start finding out!

I’ve been researching, reading articles, and doing some brainstorming of my own and what I’ve come up with is my own conclusion, it’s moderately successful, but most successful when used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. I want to analyze this strictly from a marketing perspective. There are a lot of benefits that effects the movie or tv industry or enhances the experience of that media for the viewers. But, well I’m a marketeer so we are going to stick to that! So, why? Let me show you the reasons that I think product placement enhances brand image and a possible pitfall that can result from it as well.

So, the first way I think product placement works is by reputation. What do I mean? Think about it this way. If you’re watching your new favorite movie, the movie you love because it’s funny and light-hearted and puts a smile on your face. Does that movie reflect the image you have of the company’s product placed in it? I think so. It’s a simple and even subconscious connection, but it’s there. In the industry creating and maintaining a positive brand image like that is extremely difficult in our technologically driven generation. So, why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage? Boost your brand image, brand recall, and create a reputation to be proud of. Mostly in this case brand image.

How can you make product placement more successful? You can’t use solely product placement, you have to integrate it into other marketing efforts. I’ll refer back to Walmart, they don’t rely only on product placement. They have traditional marketing, digital marketing, and advertisements. That’s the only way to successfully leverage product placement. If no one recognizes the brand, they won’t recognize the product placement and it will defeat the purpose. You have to establish a baseline in order to see a spike. That’s the best way to think about it. Your consumer has to already know your product, your ideals, your goals, and most importantly your logo! If they don’t know some of these basics you cannot expect your brand image to be boosted from product placement. You cannot boost something that isn’t there. This is an example of improving brand recognition and recall and it’s why product placement is an addition to other strategies it isn’t the strategy.

That all sounded pretty perfect right? Yes and no. There are definitely some pitfalls. Firstly, it’s expensive. Like, insanely expensive for the minimal amount of exposure. Product placement alone is approximately half the price of a 30 second ad, but does 3 or 4 seconds of exposure justify the price? That’s something I’m not quite sure of, I’m not exactly a marketing professional yet! I also believe that it depends largely on the company and the reputation they already had. One of the most successful uses of product placement I’ve seen was as simple as a mother in a movie carrying in her Walmart groceries. I wish I could remember what movie it was, but I remember thinking of Walmart as a more family friendly brand not just a price friendly option! So, it can be an asset to marketeers, but only in limited circumstances.

Ultimately, I believe in product placement for the large corporations wanting to keep their positive product image in their consumer eyes. It serves as an excellent reminder for what a company stands for, assuming it’s used in the right media context. So, look out for product placement and shout it out every time you see it. If you haven’t noticed it before you’ll start noticing it slowly but surely and you can develop your own opinions on it’s effectiveness.

Let me know what you think and if you’re a professional currently using or advocating for product placement! I would love to hear fellow Marketeer’s perspectives, so comment below!

Ciao Marketeers!


Here are some resources I used:

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3




Business Student’s Guide to Internships

Hello Marketeers!

As I sit here reading new articles to write about and reflecting on the first week of classes I realized the perfect topic for this post. Internships! I may not be an expert on the subject.. but I’ve had two internships during college and now have an interview for a possible third internship. SO.. I’ve been through the stress of perfecting your resume, planning what to wear for the infamous interview, trying to imagine what they’ll ask, the whole nine yards! I may not be an expert but I definitely have some tips that I would love to share with y’all!

So let’s get down to business…

My tips:

  1. BE YOU.. how corny is that? But I mean it. What I’ve found is the more I overthought or over planned the more scripted I came off. Just go in as if you already have the job. I mean don’t be pompous but rather be confident. With any internship they’re looking for someone who can do the job the best, so be the best!
  2.  Know your resume inside and out! I don’t mean memorize your accomplishments and accolades.. but understand what each of them means and why they make you the right candidate. An internship interview is just like a final exam. You know the information, now take it further and be able to understand how your resume can get you the job!
  3. Don’t take an internship just to put it on your resume! Most people won’t agree with this but trust me, okay? So, why do I say this? Because an internship can only give you so much if it isn’t aligned with your future goals. As a freshmen or sophomore… take whatever you can get! That’s your time to explore, understand the business world, and gauge office relationships and politics (yes, there’s politics to every office). But, when you get into your upperclassmen years, go after internships that are in the field you want to be in or at least gives you opportunities you can use towards your future. That’s the whole point! Your internship should set you up for your dream job out of college or even turn into your dream job if you’re lucky!
  4. Network!! Never stop networking.. I never realized the importance of networking until I came to college. I got my second internship through networking alone! They bring up opportunities you wouldn’t have been able to dream of and can provide you with advice to help you grow your career. The best thing I ever did was keep a strong relationship with professors that I connected with. They serve as the perfect mentors and each professor genuinely wants to see their students succeed so they will support you if you make nurture the connection. I’m getting coffee next week with my Marketing 101 professor and she’s been the best mentor. She helped me pick my first interview outfit and she was the one that brought the internship to my attention. Networking goes a LOOONG way and it’s more valuable than you know.

These are just a few little tips but I promise if you take them into account they can help you in the future! I hope y’all will share with me if you get any killer internships or if you take any of my advice!

Ciao Marketeers!!


5 Reasons to get a Marketing Degree

I know that for many recently graduated high school seniors right now, y’all probably have a lot to think about. College is coming up sooner than you can imagine, most people know where they’re attending, but how many people know exactly what they want to do? More often than not, the answer is, not many. I had several friends who came to college bright-eyed, naive and with their major undeclared. My best advice for you is to avoid that trap and make a decision before the stress, fun, and independency of college. But how do you do that? Well by listening to me and doing your research of course! Here are my top 10 reasons you should choose Marketing as your major.

  1. It’s a blank slate. Marketing is, in my opinion, the one business degree that allows for the most flexibility and diversity. With so many areas to specialize in you can really customize your degree to suit what interests you. The best way to figure out what that is, is through internships. Each marketing internship that I’ve had has been vastly different and I learned something uniquely valuable from each one of them. Whether it was showing me something I had a knack for, or showing me what I definitely don’t, the experience was hands on and informative. You can even customize your degree with minors. If you prefer the creative side, add graphic design etc. the possibilities are endless.
  2. Median salary is $128,750! Of course, thats subject to your specialty and industry, but hey that’s a pretty good place to start. Most freshmen don’t fully consider WHERE they’re degree is going to take them. So, I’m telling you now that marketing can take you where you want to and help you make a life for yourself when you get cut off the parental pay-roll.
  3. Marketing internships are easy to come by. As long as you’re truly looking there are marketing internships everywhere. I’ve never had problems finding them, getting the internships is of course a whole other ordeal, but either way they’re there. Additionally, when it comes to a marketing internship don’t choose the easy one, or the one that pays JUST because it pays. The most important part is WHAT YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Resume’s nowadays are as impressive as college applications. Everyone competing for these spots and each person with more experience than the last. Let’s say you had 1 internship for 3 years or 5 internships during college, the numbers mean nothing. What really matters is what you were trusted to do and the experiences you learned. The difference is between answering the phones and being responsible for a project. Make sure your internship is worth while or you aren’t doing yourself any favors.
  4. Marketing suits the millennial. Why? Because marketing is one of those business degrees that heavily relies on changes in industry, technology, and grows with society. Marketeers constantly have to evolve to suit their audience. Let’s say your audience is a 21 year old college senior at The University of Tampa that lives within 5 miles of campus. How can you best reach that audience? Snapchat! You have to stay updated with the trends of your audience and understand how to reach them in a way that is most “native” to them. What does that mean? Basically, market/advertise to them in a way that seems natural, almost so that they won’t even notice. With the amount of ads we are subjected to a day we often overstimulate our audience, native advertising allows your to be a bit more sly and keep your brand name in the back of their mind. This is a millennial’s dream because we can get paid simply for our overuse and extensive knowledge of social media. I mean that’s the dream. Or at least my dream.
  5. Having a Masters/MBA is preferable. I know most people will read that and think I’m crazy. Most think that once their undergrad degree is done, so are they. BUT, as a second semester senior on the cusp of graduating, I can tell you one thing, I’m not quite ready for the real world. It has nothing to do with a lack of maturity or the desire to stay in the absent minded “college mode”. In reality I still feel there’s so much I want to learn before I can be considered qualified in my specialty. For me, I know I love social media and content marketing. That’s where I want to be. But, do I know enough about that specialty to get the job I want? To get paid the “big bucks”? To be as successful as I want to be? To achieve my goals? No, not yet. I think of my soon-to-be masters as a way to fine tune my skills. AND if you love college, hey, here’s a few more years!

Trust me, you won’t regret getting a marketing degree. Maybe I’m biased, or maybe I’m knowledgeable enough to lay out the facts and prove my point. I’m hoping it’s the last one. Either way I love marketing (duh) and I love to see others seeing it’s value!! I hope this helped some incoming fishies or my undeclared friends.

So long Marketeers!