Meet the Blogger!

Hi everyone – I’m Jordan. I’ll be your pilot through this journey.. Disclaimer: I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m determined to find my way!

I wanted to find a specific topic for this blog or one aspect of marketing that I wanted to focus on. But, then I realized I honestly don’t know what that would be. That’s when I stumbled on the idea of tracking my journey and observations along the way.

I want to explore my love for Marketing and analyze trends through a millennial’s eyes. I want to be an approachable voice for incoming college students, current college students, or recent graduates. No matter who’s reading this, my message is the same. Marketing is my passion!

If you can relate to my blog and my posts -THEN AWESOME. If not, I totally understand. Maybe it’ll help if you knew more about me. I’ll give you my short but sweet and awkward list of facts like you’d hear in a speed dating round:

  • International Business and Marketing student at The University of Tampa
  • I’ve lived in three different countries (Belgium, England and the good ole’ US of A)
  • Currently on my second internship and adjusting to the real world
  • I love puppies (relevant? No. Important? Yes.)
  • Obsessed with cute coffee shops
  • I’m sarcastic and I write that way as well
  • My interests include: Marketing (duh), travel, writing, Murder-Mystery novels & shopping!

-The Millennial Marketeer


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger!

  1. Belgium, that is amazing! What marketing ideas/strategies do they do there? Can you write on how they market to consumers. Oh, and TOTALLY keep your sarcasm. 🙂 I love how you are causal but direct with your writing. Wonder if Europe influenced your writing?


  2. I am facing the same issue with figuring out what I want to do in the future in terms of work, I like most of the marketing topics but did not know which I like most and I love doing. what worse then that is that I have just discovered that I am more interested in entrepreneur more than marketing but I guess it is to late to change.

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