Branding for Beginners

A huge part of becoming an adult is branding yourself. It’s crucial to discover who you are and emanate that persona through every interaction, social media post, and aspect of your professional career.

But how do you brand yourself? What is a “brand”? And why is it important? I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers – but together we can figure it out.

Step One: GOOGLE! My answer to everything is Google because it gets ideas flowing for me! I began my Google search with,“Tips for Branding Yourself” which lead to finding a Huffington Post article with “5 Tips for Branding Yourself for Success”. Three of these really stood out to me

  1. Craft an elevator speech
  2. Become a little famous through social media
  3. Always expand your network

So let’s discuss the first one! Essentially – what’s your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Whether you’ve found your niche within the industry or not one thing you should be able to answer is what is unique about you. It doesn’t have to be perfectly crafted into a neat explanation but you should understand your strengths and what separates you from your competitors. This is pretty common knowledge – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.

What’s my USP? I still don’t know, but I know that some of my strengths stem from my two internships – one past and one current – as well as my international background, confidence in public speaking, and ability to interact with clients. What about you? Jot down some strengths and examples, it can’t hurt.

Next up is my personal favorite. Who doesn’t want to be Insta famous? It’s easier said than done though. But I do disagree with this article slightly. I believe it’s more than just the sheer number of Twitter or Instagram followers you have or even about how many people read my blog.. It’s about quality over quantity. That old saying rings true because when you’re building your brand you want visibility. But the only way to truly gain traction is to target a relevant audience. That’s where you’ll find the most success.

Lastly, your network is hugely important. However, it’s different than your social media network. Your personal network should be about quantity. Of course quality is still important, but when acquiring contacts you never know where you’ll end up in life – so keep your options open!

My Dad is a perfect example an expert networker! As a Salesman he is the epitome of an extravert. He always makes an effort to stay current with his contacts; he doesn’t just collect business cards, he develops relationships. In order to truly establish a network you need to nurture that network – whether that entails reconnecting with old classmates or colleagues – or joining clubs or organizations to help you mingle with local professionals.

Just get out there and make a name for yourself! Want to join my network? Add me on LinkedIn: Jordan Brenner


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11 thoughts on “Branding for Beginners

  1. All great tips on how to brand yourself. I 100% agree that the answer to everything is google, it honestly saves lives…and homework! Looking forward to reading your blog in the upcoming weeks.

  2. Both the content and how you relay the content really catches the readers’ attention and keeps it! It’s like having a conversation rather than being told how to brand myself, which I really enjoy. I look forward to seeing your posts in the future!

  3. As I was reading this post it reminded me just how important networking is. I completely agree that making personal connections and staying in contact with them can only benefit you. As of now I am unsure of what exact career path I want to pursue but I believe that networking may help me find something I never knew I was interested in. As you said, keeping your options open is always good! I look forward to reading your future posts!

  4. After reading your posts, you have really opened up my eyes on how you should be branding yourself. I have never thought that you could use an elevator speech to do so, but such a perfect idea! I am now currently trying to think of my unique selling proposition as I write this…
    Thanks Jordan, I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  5. Everyone wants to work with people they enjoy and who have delivered for them in the past. So networking with former colleagues is a great way to keep a pipeline of great future repeat colleagues. While networking with business relations from past can lead to repeat business and sometimes new career opportunities. So thinking of “your brand” when interacting at work can help propel your future as our blogger point out.

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