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So, in my first blog post I wrote about “How to Write Killer Content“, and received a few requests to go deeper into the topic.. so here you go! I wanted to structure it towards college students or people new to marketing!

So, as a visual learner I think the best way to talk about content.. is to show you. Below I’ve made my own graphic to give you an overview of content marketing as a whole. I also included an industry example because I always think its great to relate a concept to the real world.. because let’s be honest its hard to relate to a textbook definition.

Let’s start by reading the graphic.. then I’ll go into more detail!!


Hopefully you just read that graphic and got a better understanding of content marketing as a whole. So, to start.. the definition. The way I like to think of content is that it’s a company’s property. Similar to how you would think of intellectual property. Web designers, graphic designers, marketers etc. all work together to create industry focused content that stimulates a conversation with their audience. Content can be anything from a webinar, to a video game, to infographics and blogs! As long as its unique to a company.. it’s content! It’s important to understand that the purpose of content marketing is not to aggressively market a product. Instead, a company is trying to position them self as a thought-leader, similar to Chipotle’s “Cultivate a Better World” campaign.

Most of us by now know of Chipotle and what they stand for. However, not as many truly know how hard Chipotle works to promote responsibly sourced, non GMO products. They launched their “Cultivate a Better World” campaign with their own content – The  Scarecrow, a game and film. If you haven’t watched the film I strongly urge you too because it’s amazingly well done (watch it here)! Chipotle is positioning themselves within the food industry as a thought leader and responsible organization by promoting a cause . When you watch the video they don’t mention their product or any deals they have.. instead they’re advocating for a cause. This makes Chipotle far more appealing and even relatable for a consumer.

So why is content marketing such a big trend right now? Think about it this way..”The average 1970s city dweller was exposed to 500 to 2,000 ad messages a day, [J.Walker] Smith says. Now, it’s 3,000 to 5,000” (citation). Imagine how little you recall when you are subjected to 5,000 different advertisements within a day. I know for me they go right over my head.. they’re just what I have to sit through in order to watch my show. But, with content marketing, instead companies are interacting with their consumers in a positive way.

My advice to you – learn how to create your own content! This trend is hugely important for young professionals and I believe we have an upper hand. Content is distributed through social media.. and we’re all experts when it comes to social media! It’s what we live for.. so why not make a living off of it! Get started now because it’s a learning process! I’ve started by trying to create my own graphics. You don’t have to be a graphic designer.. start like I did, with Canva. It’s an easy tool to make blog and social media graphics and it’s FREE!

Good luck Marketeers!


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8 thoughts on “Your Guide to Content

  1. Love this post! Very informative and you taught, not only by explaining the topic, but utilizing it within your own post. I too use Canva for simple projects for my internship!

  2. Good thoughts on content here…but I am blown away by your infographic! It is so professional and informative! What a great way to communicate! You seem to have a real knack for it. I’ll have to check out Canva to see if I can help develop these skills!

  3. Jordan, your post is awesome and the graphic you made looks professional, is easy to read, and most importantly, is easy to understand. I also love that you gave an industry example; I’ve seen that one in other classes and I love what Chipotle did with the story. Keep it going!

  4. I loved the image you used for this blog! This was very helpful when reading about what exactly content means in the marketing world. I used Canva for my internship for all the posts we make for Facebook!

  5. You did a great job with explaining content and I also loved your graphic! Reading this post helped me better understand content marketing. I have never used canva but I look forward to trying it out in the future!

  6. Jordan!

    I love this. I agree 100%. With my travel blog, I always think, how can make my content unique? I actually saw the Chipotle video in a previous class of mine and I still remember the whole video because it was just so captivating. I also LOVE canva. It makes me feel like a pro when I know little about photoshop and indesign. Keep up the good work!

  7. Awesome post! Starting with the graphic made me want to read the text that followed and really helped me to understand the concept. I also loved how you talked about Chipotle’s campaign and included the link to the documentary, which was so interesting and really supported what you talked about in this post! The quotes and links you added really supplemented your content.

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