Valuable Marketing tips Hidden in The 2017 Presidential Campaign

Happy President’s Day! Hopefully most of y’all have the day off (unlike me)!

I wanted to post a blog today that’s perfectly relevant to our Presidential celebrations. Don’t worry.. this isn’t a political post! I found a tantalizing (big word right?) article on Forbes and I wanted to share it with you all.

I’m going to use this article to help you see the hidden marketing lessons hiding within this latest Presidential Campaigns. No matter which candidate you supported during the campaign it’s safe to say they each excelled and struggles with different aspects along the way. So, lets learn from them!

There are 4 main lessons that I want to explore with y’all:

  1. Target your Ideal Audience
  2. Social Media can be a Killer
  3. Simple Works Best
  4. Your Email Subject Line Matters

Target your Ideal Audience

This is a pretty obvious lesson in my opinion. Think about it this way – your audience determines everything you do. It determines where you place advertisements and how to best approach that audience. Let’s say we’ve determined our audience is Business Professionals between 30-40 that are on-the-go. In this case would a direct mail campaign be the strongest route to take? No. In this case an E-blast would be more successful for two reasons. One, business professionals rely heavily on emails. Two, it’s the most reliable place to reach someone thats constantly on the go. And in regards to where, well we know our audience is on-the-go so maybe we look into Billboards or advertising in an airport to adapt to their busy lifestyle. The options are endless.. you just need to know which options are going to make your campaign successful!

Social Media can be a Killer

This can be a touchy topic.. but throughout President Trump’s campaign there were some blunders with social media management. This is a very common and easy mistake to make. In general, we often struggle to find the line as to what is and isn’t appropriate for social media. This is crucial for a business though. It’s important that all content and social media is heavily monitored in order to accurately reflect the organization. The lesson here simple is to err on the side of caution and not to make any impulsive posts that could be controversial.

Simple Works Best

When appealing to a mass market simplicity is key! Trump successfully appealed to this lesson with his message of “Make American Great Again”. Whether you agreed with the message or not it was simple and memorable. This helps to create a sense of stickiness to your campaign. It can be hard to convey a complex message in a simple way but it’s an important step.

Your Email Subject Line Matters

Who reads subject lines? Personally I glaze over them.. but in marketing they’re more important than I think our generation realizes. I know I’ve seen from watching my boss sort through emails.. business professionals receive A LOT of email. They need to be abel to quickly sort through them and be able to organize them. This is important for E-blasts. In order to ensure you get the best open-rates possible you need to provide your audience with a short and meaningful subject line that appeals to their curiosity. You don’t want an overly descriptive subject line, you want to tell them just enough to explain to them the subject but also interest them in the content.

My message to you.. there’s a lesson in everything. Break it down, apply it to your situation and most of all.. learn from other’s mistakes.

Let me know what you thought and if this helped!! 🙂 See you next time Marketeers!




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6 thoughts on “Valuable Marketing tips Hidden in The 2017 Presidential Campaign

  1. i loved reading this post! It was very interesting i liked how you said simple works best because it is very true. just like how you said with Donald Trumps’s slogan it is simple and everyone knows it just because it is short, sweet and to the point. Keep up the great work I can’t wait to read more!

  2. This was a great post Jordan! I agree, especially with the tip you have “social media can be killer”. I think Trump’s social media campaign definitely was controversial, but really, I do believe that controversy almost kind of helped him get that buzz. I feel controversial can be good, but safe-controversial if that is a thing? Anyways great post! Also, did you make that graphic of Trump and Clinton? It is great!

    1. Thank you Carley! i appreciate your feedback and couldn’t agree more! A little bit of controversy can peak an audience’s interest, but too much will push them away! I did not create the graphic.. i wish I could create graphics like that but I’m still learning 🙂

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