5 Reasons to get a Marketing Degree

I know that for many recently graduated high school seniors right now, y’all probably have a lot to think about. College is coming up sooner than you can imagine, most people know where they’re attending, but how many people know exactly what they want to do? More often than not, the answer is, not many. I had several friends who came to college bright-eyed, naive and with their major undeclared. My best advice for you is to avoid that trap and make a decision before the stress, fun, and independency of college. But how do you do that? Well by listening to me and doing your research of course! Here are my top 10 reasons you should choose Marketing as your major.

  1. It’s a blank slate. Marketing is, in my opinion, the one business degree that allows for the most flexibility and diversity. With so many areas to specialize in you can really customize your degree to suit what interests you. The best way to figure out what that is, is through internships. Each marketing internship that I’ve had has been vastly different and I learned something uniquely valuable from each one of them. Whether it was showing me something I had a knack for, or showing me what I definitely don’t, the experience was hands on and informative. You can even customize your degree with minors. If you prefer the creative side, add graphic design etc. the possibilities are endless.
  2. Median salary is $128,750! Of course, thats subject to your specialty and industry, but hey that’s a pretty good place to start. Most freshmen don’t fully consider WHERE they’re degree is going to take them. So, I’m telling you now that marketing can take you where you want to and help you make a life for yourself when you get cut off the parental pay-roll.
  3. Marketing internships are easy to come by. As long as you’re truly looking there are marketing internships everywhere. I’ve never had problems finding them, getting the internships is of course a whole other ordeal, but either way they’re there. Additionally, when it comes to a marketing internship don’t choose the easy one, or the one that pays JUST because it pays. The most important part is WHAT YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Resume’s nowadays are as impressive as college applications. Everyone competing for these spots and each person with more experience than the last. Let’s say you had 1 internship for 3 years or 5 internships during college, the numbers mean nothing. What really matters is what you were trusted to do and the experiences you learned. The difference is between answering the phones and being responsible for a project. Make sure your internship is worth while or you aren’t doing yourself any favors.
  4. Marketing suits the millennial. Why? Because marketing is one of those business degrees that heavily relies on changes in industry, technology, and grows with society. Marketeers constantly have to evolve to suit their audience. Let’s say your audience is a 21 year old college senior at The University of Tampa that lives within 5 miles of campus. How can you best reach that audience? Snapchat! You have to stay updated with the trends of your audience and understand how to reach them in a way that is most “native” to them. What does that mean? Basically, market/advertise to them in a way that seems natural, almost so that they won’t even notice. With the amount of ads we are subjected to a day we often overstimulate our audience, native advertising allows your to be a bit more sly and keep your brand name in the back of their mind. This is a millennial’s dream because we can get paid simply for our overuse and extensive knowledge of social media. I mean that’s the dream. Or at least my dream.
  5. Having a Masters/MBA is preferable. I know most people will read that and think I’m crazy. Most think that once their undergrad degree is done, so are they. BUT, as a second semester senior on the cusp of graduating, I can tell you one thing, I’m not quite ready for the real world. It has nothing to do with a lack of maturity or the desire to stay in the absent minded “college mode”. In reality I still feel there’s so much I want to learn before I can be considered qualified in my specialty. For me, I know I love social media and content marketing. That’s where I want to be. But, do I know enough about that specialty to get the job I want? To get paid the “big bucks”? To be as successful as I want to be? To achieve my goals? No, not yet. I think of my soon-to-be masters as a way to fine tune my skills. AND if you love college, hey, here’s a few more years!

Trust me, you won’t regret getting a marketing degree. Maybe I’m biased, or maybe I’m knowledgeable enough to lay out the facts and prove my point. I’m hoping it’s the last one. Either way I love marketing (duh) and I love to see others seeing it’s value!! I hope this helped some incoming fishies or my undeclared friends.

So long Marketeers!


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