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As I sit here reading new articles to write about and reflecting on the first week of classes I realized the perfect topic for this post. Internships! I may not be an expert on the subject.. but I’ve had two internships during college and now have an interview for a possible third internship. SO.. I’ve been through the stress of perfecting your resume, planning what to wear for the infamous interview, trying to imagine what they’ll ask, the whole nine yards! I may not be an expert but I definitely have some tips that I would love to share with y’all!

So let’s get down to business…

My tips:

  1. BE YOU.. how corny is that? But I mean it. What I’ve found is the more I overthought or over planned the more scripted I came off. Just go in as if you already have the job. I mean don’t be pompous but rather be confident. With any internship they’re looking for someone who can do the job the best, so be the best!
  2.  Know your resume inside and out! I don’t mean memorize your accomplishments and accolades.. but understand what each of them means and why they make you the right candidate. An internship interview is just like a final exam. You know the information, now take it further and be able to understand how your resume can get you the job!
  3. Don’t take an internship just to put it on your resume! Most people won’t agree with this but trust me, okay? So, why do I say this? Because an internship can only give you so much if it isn’t aligned with your future goals. As a freshmen or sophomore… take whatever you can get! That’s your time to explore, understand the business world, and gauge office relationships and politics (yes, there’s politics to every office). But, when you get into your upperclassmen years, go after internships that are in the field you want to be in or at least gives you opportunities you can use towards your future. That’s the whole point! Your internship should set you up for your dream job out of college or even turn into your dream job if you’re lucky!
  4. Network!! Never stop networking.. I never realized the importance of networking until I came to college. I got my second internship through networking alone! They bring up opportunities you wouldn’t have been able to dream of and can provide you with advice to help you grow your career. The best thing I ever did was keep a strong relationship with professors that I connected with. They serve as the perfect mentors and each professor genuinely wants to see their students succeed so they will support you if you make nurture the connection. I’m getting coffee next week with my Marketing 101 professor and she’s been the best mentor. She helped me pick my first interview outfit and she was the one that brought the internship to my attention. Networking goes a LOOONG way and it’s more valuable than you know.

These are just a few little tips but I promise if you take them into account they can help you in the future! I hope y’all will share with me if you get any killer internships or if you take any of my advice!

Ciao Marketeers!!


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