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Happy November marketeers!! Let’s start this month off as productive as possible.. only two more months to achieve all of our 2017 resolutions!!! And if becoming a stronger digital marketeer is one of your resolutions – than this post is perfect for you!! I’ve done a similar post for a general marketing career – but I figured it was time to get a bit more specific! If digital marketing isn’t for you but marketing is, then check out my other post! So marketeers, let’s do this!


Any marketeer knows the huge depth that digital marketing encompasses – so, how can you turn that into your perfect career? I’m going to go through some crucial steps to propel your career and turn you into a well-rounded and well-versed digital marketeer! For reference, I found “How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing” from AMA’s website – which is an amazing resource for ANY marketeer! I’m going to walk you through what this article suggests and give a little bit of my personal insights and tips I’ve learned from amazing mentors and professors!

Firstly, if you know that digital marketing is the route you want to pursue my best tip for you is to never stop learning and expanding your knowledge. Digital marketing is an extremely fast growing industry and your success is contingent on your working knowledge! Even if you have a very specific specialty in mind – it greatly benefits you as a digital marketeer to be well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing! Find online seminars and courses and challenge yourself in little ways every day, it’s truly the best thing you can do for yourself! Okay, with that in mind, here are some general tips and recommendations to build your digital marketing career:

  • Establish your personal brand: This is crucial for any business professional – but, as a digital marketer, it’s even more important. From your online presence to your resume, you want to position yourself as a creative and technologically savvy marketeer with a strong personal brand. As a college student a lot of us don’t feel the need for a brand because most of us don’t think we know who we are yet. This is a fair point.. but branding yourself is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t have to have a catchy ring to it like Millennial Marketeer (although it’s a great asset to discuss in interviews) your brand can be less specific as long as it speaks to who you are as a marketer or the type of marketeer you want to become. This may come as a surprise to you…. but I recommend blogging (shocker, right?). Blogging brings your personal brand and combines it with your online presence and allows you to expand on your knowledge and fine tune your writing skills! When I started my blog that was the first time that I really sat down and thought about who I am as a marketeer. So, to help you, I’ll walk you through the thought process I took to come up with my own personal brand and blogger name, The Millennial Marketeer.

I knew digital marketing was where I wanted to be, so I tried to think of things that represented me now and where I plan to do in the future. First off – I’m a proud millennial. But, I also recognize the negative stereotype that some people associate with millennials. So, as The Millennial Marketeer I strive every day to defy that stereotype by making a name for myself within the highly competitive and dynamic industry of digital marketing. The marketeer part came in because well, it’s cute and catchy, but beyond that I want marketing to be apart of everything I do. When you think of Jordan – if you don’t think of The Millennial Marketeer – I want marketing to be what I’m known for. This thought process is also what I use in the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question during an interview! It establishes my brand and expresses my creativity and dedication to the industry!

– I hope this little blurb of my thought process helps.. essentially you need to sit down and think about the factors that define who you are both personally and professionally and most importantly think of your end game – where do you want to go? Find out more by reading one of my previous posts on personal branding 🙂

  • Be a digital asset: As I mentioned, it’s vital to continuously develop your skills. I’ve challenged myself to learn Adobe Suite, which as a digital marketeer obsessed with content creation… I really should know already! But, it’s okay to admit your gaps as long as you plan to address them and close that gap! The best way to do this is by challenging yourself every day to acquire a new asset – whether its through a class elective, online tutorials and workshops, or simply by teaching yourself – each new asset will distinguish yourself amongst other marketeers.
  • Network Network Network!!: I’ve learned that networking in the professional world is one of the biggest asset a college student can utilize. Honestly, I’ve gotten all of my internships through networking and what were once networking opportunities, have turned into mentors that have been quintessential to my growth as a marketeer. Most college students recognize the benefits of networking but after college. You’re missing out on sooo much by not starting your networking sooner! Start your networking while you’re still in college because those networking opportunities can greatly change the path of your career! For my fellow Spartans and amazing asset is the Mark Sharpe Entrepreneurship Collaborative Center (ECC). Every Wednesday at 9am they hold 1 Million Cups – a time for Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and business professionals to come together as a community. It offers networking opportunities and is a great platform for entrepreneurs seeking out us marketeers (you never know who you’ll meet). Put yourself out there and make those connections now and the benefits you’ll reap will exceed what you imagine! Especially if you properly grow and nurture those relationships they will last long-term and can be a huge asset later in your career. But more importantly they can also help you get your foot in the door, which is what a lot of us are desperate for!
  • Build a portfolio: I’m not going to lie this is one piece of advice that I myself need to take! As a digital marketeer I’ve mentioned this need to be well-versed, but further than that you need to be able to prove it! Going into interviews with a clean portfolio that captures your digital dexterity and creativity can set you apart from competitors and turn you into a professional not just a college student hunting for a job! As the AMA article expresses, “With most hiring decisions now based directly on portfolios, they hold as much—if not more—weight than your résumé. Keep this in mind as you grow in your skills and knowledge to be sure that is reflected accurately in your visual materials” (AMA). So, as you take classes and finish creative projects or your own creative work, compile it into your portfolio as you go!

Digital Marketing is my dream and I’m constantly striving to be the best digital marketeer I can be – hopefully these tips will help us all in achieving that goal! Whether it’s just a reminder of what you need to do or some new ideas that you need to get working on, we all have room for improvement!

Ciao Marketeers, till next time!!


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