Monday Motivation: Let’s Get Personal

How are you motivating yourself this Monday? For this week, I think I’m in need of some self-reflecting! With a hectic month full of changes, challenges and endless growth, October truly challenged me and has inspired me to make November better! I’ve fumbled a lot this past month with my professional life and I am determined to fix that this month. The best way I know how, is by admitting and accepting my faults and learning from them! So, some of you might find this relatable as a marketeer, personally,  or simply comforting to know someone else experiences the same struggles, either way I want to grow and there’s no better way than honesty.

My personal reflection and advice:

  1. My first falter… don’t bite off more than you can chew! As a budding marketeer I am desperate to soak up every possible opportunity and grow myself and my career… but I was reminded of a business term – diminishing returns – and I definitely fell into this trap. Firstly, at a certain point you can only stretch yourself so thin. But, more importantly you get what you put into it and if you can’t put in the necessary work, then you’ll be constantly disappointed by your returns. I tried to take on a client, who I was unable to provide adequately for while trying to achieve a dreamy 4.0 semester to finish off college. Sounds easy, right? No, it simply wasn’t possible.. I couldn’t maintain the level of effort that i wanted to for them both, so one had to give (hint I didn’t drop out so I think you can guess which fell through the crack)!
  2. Lower your expectations! This is a general point that I need to learn both in my professional and personal life. You set yourself up for disappointment when you expect too much from an experience, an internship, a person. There’s nothing worse than the letdown!! I find that a lot of students face this with internships. We expect sooo much only to realize we’re barely a step above the “coffee intern”. But, c’est la vie! You can’t control the experience you’ll have but you can control your expectations.
  3. Be selfish! Your number one concern should always be yourself. Your education, your career, your reputation, no one else determines those things but YOU. Yes, of course there’s other factors, but you’re the gatekeeper. don’t be afraid to put YOU in the center of everything because that’s simply how the business world works. You are your own advocate in the business world. No one will check up to make sure you’re achieving your goals, or making sure you have the right opportunities, that’s all on you. So, learn now how to look out for yourself, or you’ll blend into a sea of businessmen and women who are looking out for themselves. You have to learn to be inspired by your own passions and goals. If you can’t you’ll always “half-ass” things that lead to your own demise. Believe wholeheartedly that you are the answer to every problem. Being selfish is okay, and I’ve definitely had to learn this the hard way.
  4. Go all in! You want that beautiful shiny dream job? JUST DO IT. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let others determine your destiny.. do what makes you happy and what pushes you towards your own personal goals. Throw yourself into the things that deserve your attention!

I know Monday is almost over.. but the reflection is important nonetheless.. I challenge you all to reflect on the past week, month, year and be honest with yourself about your faults, triumphs, and lessons. Be a better you each and every day and be your own inspiration!! Please let me know your best inspirational tips so that we can all grow together 🙂 If quotes are more your style then check out my last Monday Inspiration post!

Happy Monday.. and stay inspired!!


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