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The life of a blogger is ever-changing. It’s so much work to up-keep it, create fresh content, and provide a unique perspective. As The Millennial Marketeer was put on my back burner, my roommate and I’s other site The Nomadic Dreamers became priority one. My biggest lesson is that you have to find a way to give every aspect of your life a bit of attention. So marketeers, I’m back. Today I wanted to talk about the work my roommate and fellow nomads and I have been putting into TND and show you some of the results we have achieved.. so sit back – you’re getting the insider scoop.

Here are some of our quick tips:

  • Increase Instagram following and likes
  • Implement Facebook Strategy
  • Pay attention to Stats and adjust accordingly

Now onto a breakdown of our general strategy

So, what was our first step and strategy for TND? INSTAGRAAAAAM. Let’s be honest, we all know the gram is where it’s at. It’s our social hub and for bloggers it’s the end all and be all. With that in mind us nomads took a heavy social media focus and we are very pleased with our results.

Here’s an example of an Insta post from December of 2017. 195 likes… that’s not too bad – but we wanted more! We strategized amongst are team and decided that more consistent postings, playing with the timings of our posts and making more interactive captions would help us boost our likes. AND we’re pleased to say that it worked!

Just 3 months later and we are averaging closer to 300 likes per post with a few in the 400’s when they’re extra special pretty pics of your favorite nomads. Since December, we have been regularly testing times to see when our specific audience is most in tuned. We have found that our best evening times are between 5:30 – 9:00 pm, which is typical for most posts. But, as of now we don’t have a strong morning time. The thought is that early in the morning you could grab your audiences attention as they lay in bed scrolling before they have to get up for work or carry on with their lives – but, that isn’t always the case.

With ever-changing Instagram metrics it can be hard to tie times together with post insights. It is becoming more difficult to ensure your followers are seeing all your posts as you post them. What I mean by that, is that often the new metrics cloud timing. You’re feed is more often determined by promoted posts, accounts with notifications on, and other silly details that we have no control over. It’s not as simple as – “I posted it at 5:30 so my audience saw it promptly after that”. This is a constant battle social media marketers face and don’t you worry I will be researching how to approach that and get back to y’all!

Link to group

So, back to our strategy… we wondered how can we approach fellow students and create a community environment inspired by the motto of The Nomadic Dreamers? From this… our Facebook group “College Students Who Travel” was born.

With 200 members this group has become an interactive community where fellow students can interact, ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss our love for all things travel. We have also been promoting the group as well as our blog posts on Insta Stories. We have seen huge success with Insta Stories. They’re an easy, fun, and creative way to interact with our followers. And it has easily tracable stats and insights to help you ensure you’re getting the results you want! Honestly, if you’re not using Insta Stories you’re missing out on an incredible tool. In the next week TND will be launching a more Insta Story focused strategy to try to boost Instagram interaction as well as tie in our blog posts to the part of our audience who don’t visit the site.

Facebook is another avenue we want to ramp up. We want it to be a place where people can see important and relevant articles, videos, and stories related to travel. We want to take our Facebook page away from simply being another place to promote our blogs. We envision so much more! Our goal is to establish a community across all platforms that encourages and promotes travel from a student’s perspective.

In order to do this we will be using scheduling platforms like Sprout Social that will allow us to schedule content to boost our posts and hopefully increase our interactions with our followers.

I hope this has helped some of our fellow bloggers! Every blog is a work in progress and every strategy is as well. I love this blog because it’s a place for reflection and growth. It’s fun talking about my passions ini a constructive way and if along the way I inspire or help others – that’s the dream!!!

Bye for now… Don’t forget to follow The Nomadic Dreamers and watch our progress!!

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