Monday Motivation: Let’s Get Personal

How are you motivating yourself this Monday? For this week, I think I’m in need of some self-reflecting! With a hectic month full of changes, challenges and endless growth, October truly challenged me and has inspired me to make November better! I’ve fumbled a lot this past month with my professional life and I am determined to fix that this month. The best way I know how, is by admitting and accepting my faults and learning from them! So, some of you might find this relatable as a marketeer, personally,  or simply comforting to know someone else experiences the same struggles, either way I want to grow and there’s no better way than honesty.

My personal reflection and advice:

  1. My first falter… don’t bite off more than you can chew! As a budding marketeer I am desperate to soak up every possible opportunity and grow myself and my career… but I was reminded of a business term – diminishing returns – and I definitely fell into this trap. Firstly, at a certain point you can only stretch yourself so thin. But, more importantly you get what you put into it and if you can’t put in the necessary work, then you’ll be constantly disappointed by your returns. I tried to take on a client, who I was unable to provide adequately for while trying to achieve a dreamy 4.0 semester to finish off college. Sounds easy, right? No, it simply wasn’t possible.. I couldn’t maintain the level of effort that i wanted to for them both, so one had to give (hint I didn’t drop out so I think you can guess which fell through the crack)!
  2. Lower your expectations! This is a general point that I need to learn both in my professional and personal life. You set yourself up for disappointment when you expect too much from an experience, an internship, a person. There’s nothing worse than the letdown!! I find that a lot of students face this with internships. We expect sooo much only to realize we’re barely a step above the “coffee intern”. But, c’est la vie! You can’t control the experience you’ll have but you can control your expectations.
  3. Be selfish! Your number one concern should always be yourself. Your education, your career, your reputation, no one else determines those things but YOU. Yes, of course there’s other factors, but you’re the gatekeeper. don’t be afraid to put YOU in the center of everything because that’s simply how the business world works. You are your own advocate in the business world. No one will check up to make sure you’re achieving your goals, or making sure you have the right opportunities, that’s all on you. So, learn now how to look out for yourself, or you’ll blend into a sea of businessmen and women who are looking out for themselves. You have to learn to be inspired by your own passions and goals. If you can’t you’ll always “half-ass” things that lead to your own demise. Believe wholeheartedly that you are the answer to every problem. Being selfish is okay, and I’ve definitely had to learn this the hard way.
  4. Go all in! You want that beautiful shiny dream job? JUST DO IT. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let others determine your destiny.. do what makes you happy and what pushes you towards your own personal goals. Throw yourself into the things that deserve your attention!

I know Monday is almost over.. but the reflection is important nonetheless.. I challenge you all to reflect on the past week, month, year and be honest with yourself about your faults, triumphs, and lessons. Be a better you each and every day and be your own inspiration!! Please let me know your best inspirational tips so that we can all grow together 🙂 If quotes are more your style then check out my last Monday Inspiration post!

Happy Monday.. and stay inspired!!


Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Career Today!

Happy November marketeers!! Let’s start this month off as productive as possible.. only two more months to achieve all of our 2017 resolutions!!! And if becoming a stronger digital marketeer is one of your resolutions – than this post is perfect for you!! I’ve done a similar post for a general marketing career – but I figured it was time to get a bit more specific! If digital marketing isn’t for you but marketing is, then check out my other post! So marketeers, let’s do this!


Any marketeer knows the huge depth that digital marketing encompasses – so, how can you turn that into your perfect career? I’m going to go through some crucial steps to propel your career and turn you into a well-rounded and well-versed digital marketeer! For reference, I found “How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing” from AMA’s website – which is an amazing resource for ANY marketeer! I’m going to walk you through what this article suggests and give a little bit of my personal insights and tips I’ve learned from amazing mentors and professors!

Firstly, if you know that digital marketing is the route you want to pursue my best tip for you is to never stop learning and expanding your knowledge. Digital marketing is an extremely fast growing industry and your success is contingent on your working knowledge! Even if you have a very specific specialty in mind – it greatly benefits you as a digital marketeer to be well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing! Find online seminars and courses and challenge yourself in little ways every day, it’s truly the best thing you can do for yourself! Okay, with that in mind, here are some general tips and recommendations to build your digital marketing career:

  • Establish your personal brand: This is crucial for any business professional – but, as a digital marketer, it’s even more important. From your online presence to your resume, you want to position yourself as a creative and technologically savvy marketeer with a strong personal brand. As a college student a lot of us don’t feel the need for a brand because most of us don’t think we know who we are yet. This is a fair point.. but branding yourself is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t have to have a catchy ring to it like Millennial Marketeer (although it’s a great asset to discuss in interviews) your brand can be less specific as long as it speaks to who you are as a marketer or the type of marketeer you want to become. This may come as a surprise to you…. but I recommend blogging (shocker, right?). Blogging brings your personal brand and combines it with your online presence and allows you to expand on your knowledge and fine tune your writing skills! When I started my blog that was the first time that I really sat down and thought about who I am as a marketeer. So, to help you, I’ll walk you through the thought process I took to come up with my own personal brand and blogger name, The Millennial Marketeer.

I knew digital marketing was where I wanted to be, so I tried to think of things that represented me now and where I plan to do in the future. First off – I’m a proud millennial. But, I also recognize the negative stereotype that some people associate with millennials. So, as The Millennial Marketeer I strive every day to defy that stereotype by making a name for myself within the highly competitive and dynamic industry of digital marketing. The marketeer part came in because well, it’s cute and catchy, but beyond that I want marketing to be apart of everything I do. When you think of Jordan – if you don’t think of The Millennial Marketeer – I want marketing to be what I’m known for. This thought process is also what I use in the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question during an interview! It establishes my brand and expresses my creativity and dedication to the industry!

– I hope this little blurb of my thought process helps.. essentially you need to sit down and think about the factors that define who you are both personally and professionally and most importantly think of your end game – where do you want to go? Find out more by reading one of my previous posts on personal branding 🙂

  • Be a digital asset: As I mentioned, it’s vital to continuously develop your skills. I’ve challenged myself to learn Adobe Suite, which as a digital marketeer obsessed with content creation… I really should know already! But, it’s okay to admit your gaps as long as you plan to address them and close that gap! The best way to do this is by challenging yourself every day to acquire a new asset – whether its through a class elective, online tutorials and workshops, or simply by teaching yourself – each new asset will distinguish yourself amongst other marketeers.
  • Network Network Network!!: I’ve learned that networking in the professional world is one of the biggest asset a college student can utilize. Honestly, I’ve gotten all of my internships through networking and what were once networking opportunities, have turned into mentors that have been quintessential to my growth as a marketeer. Most college students recognize the benefits of networking but after college. You’re missing out on sooo much by not starting your networking sooner! Start your networking while you’re still in college because those networking opportunities can greatly change the path of your career! For my fellow Spartans and amazing asset is the Mark Sharpe Entrepreneurship Collaborative Center (ECC). Every Wednesday at 9am they hold 1 Million Cups – a time for Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and business professionals to come together as a community. It offers networking opportunities and is a great platform for entrepreneurs seeking out us marketeers (you never know who you’ll meet). Put yourself out there and make those connections now and the benefits you’ll reap will exceed what you imagine! Especially if you properly grow and nurture those relationships they will last long-term and can be a huge asset later in your career. But more importantly they can also help you get your foot in the door, which is what a lot of us are desperate for!
  • Build a portfolio: I’m not going to lie this is one piece of advice that I myself need to take! As a digital marketeer I’ve mentioned this need to be well-versed, but further than that you need to be able to prove it! Going into interviews with a clean portfolio that captures your digital dexterity and creativity can set you apart from competitors and turn you into a professional not just a college student hunting for a job! As the AMA article expresses, “With most hiring decisions now based directly on portfolios, they hold as much—if not more—weight than your rĂ©sumĂ©. Keep this in mind as you grow in your skills and knowledge to be sure that is reflected accurately in your visual materials” (AMA). So, as you take classes and finish creative projects or your own creative work, compile it into your portfolio as you go!

Digital Marketing is my dream and I’m constantly striving to be the best digital marketeer I can be – hopefully these tips will help us all in achieving that goal! Whether it’s just a reminder of what you need to do or some new ideas that you need to get working on, we all have room for improvement!

Ciao Marketeers, till next time!!


Monday Inspiration: Quotes

I don’t know about y’all but I am definitely in need of some Monday motivation today!! That’s why I want to start a Monday inspiration post each week to inspire not just y’all but also myself! I think I’ll go about it different each week depending on what inspiration I think I personally need (and let’s hope that aligns with what y’all need).

For my first post I’m going with quotes!! In particular quotes from successful business men and women, entrepreneurs, and general thought leaders. I find most of my inspiration through quotes because honestly, the best wisdom there is, is passed on. The most successful people see that wisdom and soak it up like a sponge. They relish in the successes of others, they learn from failures, and they better each act by doing so. So, let’s relish ini the wisdom of others and take a few moments this Monday to find inspiration to drive us through the week!!

Disclaimer: I made these graphics on my phone with the WordSwag app! You should check it out it’s sooo easy (also how I made The Millennial Marketeer logo!) AND here’s where I found some great and inspiring quotes!!


Which of these really hit home for you? Let me know so I can keep that in mind each week. For me, it’s the last. Honestly, with our competitive world we are all trying to achieve our own goals in very similar ways. I want to be able to do something that everyone else is doing on a whole new level. Why blend in with the crowd when you can stand out?

I challenge you to take one of these quotes and truly reflect on the words. Not analyze it like you’re in your senior year english class, but rather take from it what you need and apply it to you. It’s the perfect way to start your Monday, inspired and challenged all at the same time!!


Get inspired and kill this week!!! I believe in y’all.


Business Student’s Guide to Internships

Hello Marketeers!

As I sit here reading new articles to write about and reflecting on the first week of classes I realized the perfect topic for this post. Internships! I may not be an expert on the subject.. but I’ve had two internships during college and now have an interview for a possible third internship. SO.. I’ve been through the stress of perfecting your resume, planning what to wear for the infamous interview, trying to imagine what they’ll ask, the whole nine yards! I may not be an expert but I definitely have some tips that I would love to share with y’all!

So let’s get down to business…

My tips:

  1. BE YOU.. how corny is that? But I mean it. What I’ve found is the more I overthought or over planned the more scripted I came off. Just go in as if you already have the job. I mean don’t be pompous but rather be confident. With any internship they’re looking for someone who can do the job the best, so be the best!
  2.  Know your resume inside and out! I don’t mean memorize your accomplishments and accolades.. but understand what each of them means and why they make you the right candidate. An internship interview is just like a final exam. You know the information, now take it further and be able to understand how your resume can get you the job!
  3. Don’t take an internship just to put it on your resume! Most people won’t agree with this but trust me, okay? So, why do I say this? Because an internship can only give you so much if it isn’t aligned with your future goals. As a freshmen or sophomore… take whatever you can get! That’s your time to explore, understand the business world, and gauge office relationships and politics (yes, there’s politics to every office). But, when you get into your upperclassmen years, go after internships that are in the field you want to be in or at least gives you opportunities you can use towards your future. That’s the whole point! Your internship should set you up for your dream job out of college or even turn into your dream job if you’re lucky!
  4. Network!! Never stop networking.. I never realized the importance of networking until I came to college. I got my second internship through networking alone! They bring up opportunities you wouldn’t have been able to dream of and can provide you with advice to help you grow your career. The best thing I ever did was keep a strong relationship with professors that I connected with. They serve as the perfect mentors and each professor genuinely wants to see their students succeed so they will support you if you make nurture the connection. I’m getting coffee next week with my Marketing 101 professor and she’s been the best mentor. She helped me pick my first interview outfit and she was the one that brought the internship to my attention. Networking goes a LOOONG way and it’s more valuable than you know.

These are just a few little tips but I promise if you take them into account they can help you in the future! I hope y’all will share with me if you get any killer internships or if you take any of my advice!

Ciao Marketeers!!


How to Enhance your Marketing Career

Being a college student is stressful. You have to figure out in four years (or less) what kind of career you want and how best to achieve your “dream job”. Lets say I want to do Marketing for a Department Store like Nordstrom. How do I stand out as a job applicant? Which classes should I take to be most prepared? Should I specialize in a certain type of marketing? Should I add a minor? Do I need a graduate degree? …. I could keep going on and on. The questions are endless. But, the general point of all these questions is HOW CAN I STAND OUT!

So yet again, I found an article, so let’s dive into it and try to answer these questions. What stuck out to me about this article was the first sentence, “As the field of marketing evolves, marketers must consider how to acquire skills for an automated world and collaborative business environment”. In my mind that right there tells me that this article is going to give me some insight to keep on trend within the ever-changing marketing world. As I read through the article it started to give me some valid insights on navigating the marketing world and discovering which skills and capabilities I need to acquire.

The article mentions 3 main elements.. as per usual I’m going to break them down and add my insight to round out the whole experience!

  1. Shifting Marketing Environment: This one is a more obvious element… TECHNOLOGY! This is where us students have the upper-hand. With an increase in digital marketing and social media content we are able to stay up-to-date on trends without having to do extensive research or workshops. However, where some of us might struggle is with the data side of marketing. This has become a huge trends with an increase in the usage of CRM systems and from this customer experience management emerged. “New roles require more facility with data acquisition and analysis; more expertise in designing and testing new offers and messages; more understanding of the internet as a communication medium, sales channel, data source, app and social network environment.” Any of us at UT (or any other campus) that’s taking Marketing Research knows that it doesn’t exactly come easy to most people. But, its becoming crucial within the marketing industry and offers a great career path. (So I’ll let that idea simmer with you for a bit)
  2. Changing Career Outlook: I’m not going to lie to y’all this part to me was the least relevant, so I’ll break it down quickly. The article is essentially trying to point out the change in job structure. This is largely due to automation. We live in a digitized world where software programs such as SPSS takes out a large portion of work that used to be done by hand. I think it’s hard to predict how this will effect marketing careers but in general we can expect for automation to continue to increase.
  3. Choosing a way forward: I’m going to shorten this part because I think it’s best to get to the point! These points are very important and are up to your interpretation.
    1. Think carefully about what formal training is needed (think grad school? and minors and workshops!)
    2. Understand the trade-offs between pursuing a specialty versus becoming a generalist who coordinates multiple specialties (Specialty: mastering a particular app like Photoshop or SalesForce etc. Generalist: data analysis)
    3. Invest appropriate time in managing your own personal brand, i.e., what to be known for, what expectations to set for prospective employers and what type of value to contribute to the market (I like to think of this one as blogging, reading articles, networking events etc. anything that gets you involved in your chosen industry)
    4. Plan to acquire information that will help with career management going forward (Find a role model!! Whether it’s a professor, boss, or a blogger.. like me 😉 Find someone that gives you the advice and the support you)

Now that all of that has hopefully sunk in, start applying it to your own life and your own career. Like my original example with Nordstrom, as a UT student some advice would be taking retail marketing as an elective or finding a boutique owner to be a mentor. These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself. Get creative. Find your niche!

Ciao Marketeers!




Valuable Marketing tips Hidden in The 2017 Presidential Campaign

Happy President’s Day! Hopefully most of y’all have the day off (unlike me)!

I wanted to post a blog today that’s perfectly relevant to our Presidential celebrations. Don’t worry.. this isn’t a political post! I found a tantalizing (big word right?) article on Forbes and I wanted to share it with you all.

I’m going to use this article to help you see the hidden marketing lessons hiding within this latest Presidential Campaigns. No matter which candidate you supported during the campaign it’s safe to say they each excelled and struggles with different aspects along the way. So, lets learn from them!

There are 4 main lessons that I want to explore with y’all:

  1. Target your Ideal Audience
  2. Social Media can be a Killer
  3. Simple Works Best
  4. Your Email Subject Line Matters

Target your Ideal Audience

This is a pretty obvious lesson in my opinion. Think about it this way – your audience determines everything you do. It determines where you place advertisements and how to best approach that audience. Let’s say we’ve determined our audience is Business Professionals between 30-40 that are on-the-go. In this case would a direct mail campaign be the strongest route to take? No. In this case an E-blast would be more successful for two reasons. One, business professionals rely heavily on emails. Two, it’s the most reliable place to reach someone thats constantly on the go. And in regards to where, well we know our audience is on-the-go so maybe we look into Billboards or advertising in an airport to adapt to their busy lifestyle. The options are endless.. you just need to know which options are going to make your campaign successful!

Social Media can be a Killer

This can be a touchy topic.. but throughout President Trump’s campaign there were some blunders with social media management. This is a very common and easy mistake to make. In general, we often struggle to find the line as to what is and isn’t appropriate for social media. This is crucial for a business though. It’s important that all content and social media is heavily monitored in order to accurately reflect the organization. The lesson here simple is to err on the side of caution and not to make any impulsive posts that could be controversial.

Simple Works Best

When appealing to a mass market simplicity is key! Trump successfully appealed to this lesson with his message of “Make American Great Again”. Whether you agreed with the message or not it was simple and memorable. This helps to create a sense of stickiness to your campaign. It can be hard to convey a complex message in a simple way but it’s an important step.

Your Email Subject Line Matters

Who reads subject lines? Personally I glaze over them.. but in marketing they’re more important than I think our generation realizes. I know I’ve seen from watching my boss sort through emails.. business professionals receive A LOT of email. They need to be abel to quickly sort through them and be able to organize them. This is important for E-blasts. In order to ensure you get the best open-rates possible you need to provide your audience with a short and meaningful subject line that appeals to their curiosity. You don’t want an overly descriptive subject line, you want to tell them just enough to explain to them the subject but also interest them in the content.

My message to you.. there’s a lesson in everything. Break it down, apply it to your situation and most of all.. learn from other’s mistakes.

Let me know what you thought and if this helped!! 🙂 See you next time Marketeers!




Content Content Content – How Can You Stand Out?

As my first blog post I really wanted to choose something that I was passionate about. For me, that’s content marketing. I first learned about content marketing in my Intro. to Marketing class. It was the first time I realized that marketing is truly what I wanted to do. So, I started researching how I could, as the title might suggest, write killer content and develop better writing skills to attract my audience. I might not have much of an audience now.. I have my professor (Hi Professor Burton) and my Momma.. but you have to start somewhere.

A part of my research lead me to the book “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley. There are many lesson I took away from this book. The first and most important one is BYE-BYE to the over-used high school five-paragraph essay. For so long it was engrained in me to write a monotonous and precisely planned out thesis that perfectly outlined the next three paragraphs that was then summed up in a neat little bow of a conclusion. But, in the real world.. that doesn’t happen.

As I read Ann Handley’s book I could see her personality through her writing and that spoke to me more than any other piece of writing I’ve read. That’s how you create content that people will not only read but enjoy. Handley found a real way to relate to her audience. Her humor and ability to keep “trendy” showed me that its okay to write “outside of the box”, in fact its encouraged!

Content marketing is all about creating a conversation – you want to be the thought-leader of your industry and most of all you want to be relevant to your audience. As a college student my relevance comes from my inexperience. I’m learning as I go and growing into this ever-changing industry. Starting with creating my own content – this blog!

Ann Handley quoted Mean Girls in her book.. so naturally I’m going to end my first blog post with a Mean Girls inspired message. To write good content.. you have to find a way to stay “fetch” – keep up with the trends and never stop communicating with your audience!

– Millennial Marketeer